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DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter" {1}
DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter" {2}
DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter" {1}
DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter" {2}

DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter"

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DIY PCB - ~5 watt linear "USB adapter"

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This is a blank PCB to build a linear "USB adapter".  It's a regulated linear power supply that puts out about 5 watts.  It is normally configured for 5V, 1A, but can be set up for other voltages as well.  
I built this to provide power to audio circuits like DACs and phono stages that use a USB power supply.  USB power is ubiquitous these days, but typical USB adapters are horrible, noisy, cheap little switchers.  
For full details on the design and other information refer to my web site.  eBay doesn't let me link to it, but google 'pmillett' and you'll find it.
This auction is for one PCB only, no parts or anything else is included.   Photo of completed supply is for reference only!  
Will ship anywhere.  Flat rate shipping is shown.  Payment by PayPal only.
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