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XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {1}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {2}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {3}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {4}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {5}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {6}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {7}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {8}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {9}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {1}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {2}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {3}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {4}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {5}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {6}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {7}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {8}
XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA {9}

XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA

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XGecu TL866II Plus Programmer FIXED V2+QFN8 adapter with Black ZIF ship from USA

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TL866II Plus programmer
Green ZIF
Black ZIF
Adapter for T56
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T56 programmer
Other XGecu TL866II Plus USB Programmer with Black ZIF socket Support 17083+ ICs SPI Flash NAND EEPROM 8051 MCU PIC AVR GAL Product Description
Description: Tl866II PLUS programmer is the improvement of TL866CS/A programmer, difference is much higher programming speed (up to 2x) of high-capacity memories. It supports multiprogramming mode (up to four ). Well-designed professional programmerwith high cost-effective, Production of high-density SMD technology, a unified user interface, easy to use, fully functional, reliable program running of application software, ultra-small code -runs faster,support multilanguage menu (English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech), it can automatically identify the operating system to install and run under WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN 2003/WIN 2008/WIN VISTA
WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32BIit/64Bit).
TL866II Plus VS Old Version
Description TL866II Plus TL866A TL866CS
Pin Dectected YES No No
1.8V supported YES No No
ISP for 24/93/25 MCU YES only MCU No
25 Nor Flash
Maximum capacity 512M 128M 128M
Multi Programming
VPP Max.Voltage 18V 21V 21V
VCC Voltage 1.8V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5V 3.3V-6.5
P+V(S) 10.2S+2.4S 12.9S+4.3S 12.9S+4.3S
P+V(S) 9.3S+1.7S 21.5S+10.3S 21.5S+10.3S
P+V(S) 69S+14.5S 128S+82S 128S+82S
Device List 16000+ 13000+ 13000+
Status In Production Off Off XGecu T866II Plus hardware Parameters:
PIC24 16-bit MCU 32MHZ, USB1.1 FS 12MHZ transmission
Volume: 10cm x 6cm x 2.5cm
40-pin drive IO design. Non-full drive, IO voltage is not adjustable.
VCC voltage 1.8-6.5V 32 levels adjustable, VPP voltage 9V-18V 32 levels adjustable. VCC 120MA over current protection, VPP 100MA over current protection.
Power consumption: 5V <500MA. Static power consumption: 60mA. Without external power supply interface.
Self-test function, self-test each pin of VPP/VCC/GND/IO
Suitable for developers and maintenance personnel, can do small batch production for small capacity chips, support simultaneously working with 4 Programmers on each computer.
XGecu T866II Plus Support wide range of chips:
26 27 28 29 37 39 49 50 Series Parallel ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Paged EPROM, Flash Maximum capacity 64MBits.
24 25 35 45 85 93 95 Serial Series EEPROM. Support 25FLASH chips maximum capacity 512MBits
NAND FLASH TSOP48 chips support up to 8Gbits, NAND can be customized parameters to add new model chips.
Microcontroller Series
GAL programmable logic device programming
SRAM test, support common 24 61 62 DS12 series SRAM test, support data line test, address line test, memory cell incremental test and cell test.
Super performance 54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 series integrated circuits logic test.
Can test common logic integrated circuits, test can be located to the logic gate circuit, can customize the logic vector table
The Outstanding advantages of TL866II programmer
1. Support simultaneously working with 4 Programmers on each computer.
2. The Minimum Volume and the lowest Power Consumption and Do not Feel any Heat in Process.
3. All chips do not need external power supply, the low power consumption of its own to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power.
4. Best internal 40 pin over voltage protection, the strongest VCC/VPP 4-level overcurrent protection. The short-circuit do not reset the PC.
5. Wide range of chip 16000+ support, support for serial and parallel series 40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH
6. Unique serial ICSP interface, supporting the serial download and high-speed parallel high voltage programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP 
7. Test CMOS4000 74/54 series integrated circuit. Can be located in the gate circuit error.
8. Chip auto serial number is the most complete and practical.
9. Original chip encryption operation on AVR microcontroller with internal RC Calibration byte. The Decrypt software can not be directly run on another same type of chip.
High Speed Programming
This programmer has Built-in MCU with high-performance and high-capacity USB interface at the communication speed of 12Mbps being in line with ( For each chip) well-designed programming algorithm and USB high-speed communications. It may be one of the fastest integrated development programmers, the speed has been met the needs of small-quantity efficient production.
Unique ultra-low power consumption
The whole programmer is equipped with the ultra-low power chips and it is furnished with electricity via USB Interface. It is the first comprehensive programmer to program all the chips without an external power supply. Their own power consumption is less than 20mA (it is 7mA when the programmer is not programming, LED power indicator use largest electricity, 5mA each one) and Programming power loss rate is less than 20% so that the programmer can supply the high VCC VPP programming electric current. Programmable chip can be provided with enough programming power (the largest programming power output is 2 watts that is impossible for a chip to use 2 watts of programming power). And you hardly feel the heat of the programmer after such long continuous work.
Easily portable performance
This is one of the smallest products in the world and the dimensions are 10CM*6CM*2.5CM (it is as small as a driving license). In addition, you don't need to carry with an external power supply because of its ultra-low power that makes it more portable.
Programmable programming power supply
VPP and VCC programming voltages are independently program-controlled:  programmable VCC is from 1.8V to 6.5V; VPP is from 1.8V to 18V. The fluctuation of power supply is minor because of the multi-stage LC filter.
Best overvoltage, overcurrent protection
VCC, VPP power supply of the Programmer is furnished with the independent Grade 3 overcurrent protection and the protection of automatically cutting off power supply. Each pin of 40-pin programming socket has VPP overvoltage protection. It can effectively prevent from putting a chip in the wrong place or short circuit due to other reason. In this programming case, it can also stop VPP high voltage from coming back to the internal of the programmer and damaging the device. Really make sure that the programmer will not be damaged when there is any worst-case short circuit. At the same time, the programmed chip can be efficiently protected.
This programmer will cut off the programming power supply VPP and VCC within 100us and send the message to the application program when there is short circuit. The programmer and PC won't be reset when there is short circuit because of the multilevel overcurrent protection.
40PIN Universal Pin
It is the most versatile pin among 40PIN quasi-universal pins. You don't need to move or turn around the chip when programming, just congruously put the chip forward and the handle direction of the programmer is the PIN1 place. Its design accords with the common operating habit of user.
Upgrading Function
This programmer is equipped with upgrading Function of the built-in hardware firmware program that can make sure your programmer's firmware flash and application software can be timely updated. You can complete the upgrade by downloading the upgrading program through the manufacturer's website.
Second development function of chip serial number
This programmer has a variety of automatic numbering functions that are used commonly. You can get any serial number through DLL Dynamic Link Libraries by using the custom algorithm. In mass production, the function enables each chip to produce only one identifying information that can be encrypted by the custom algorithm. So you can effectively protect your rights as a customer.
Unique universal serial programming interface ICSP
This TL866ll Plus programmer can program through the 40-PIN universal socket and is provided with an ICSP serial programming port. For some in-circuit serial programmable chips, you can program MCU by choosing ICSP port. You can get the clear instruction diagram in the programming software for the ICSP port wiring method. That is to say, you can directly program and update the chip soldered on the board.
Note: Now ICSP can in-circuit serial program ATMEL89S51, ATMEL89S52, AT45DBxxx, a whole series of AVR ATMEGAxxx, MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx, as well as a full serial of SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx. The variety of microcontroller that can be supported in-circuit programming will be continually increased in the future. Six ICSP wires of this programmer, except a ground wire, other wires led full functional I2C, SPI and UART serial main wire, be suitable for all kinds of serial communication. In addition, each wire can supply VCC, VPP or GND with high current.
54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 series IC functional tests
This is the first development programmer to test the common logic integrated circuit and this test can be located the errors of logic gate circuit, as well as test any possible input combinations of integrated circuit.
Programmer self-testing function
This programmer can test itself on each pin of VPP, VCC, GND and I/O information, at the same time it can run an inside short-circuit test on VPP, VCC current.
AVR microcontroller one-to-one soft encryption
AVR microcontroller has an RC Calibration (calibrate bytes). Only one of dozens of chips may have the same bytes value and it cannot be modified. Microcontroller software can read this value and determine whether the code is used by other chips. Through custom encryption algorithm, it can stop those who decrypt chips with ulterior motives from directly using. The encryption algorithm is so complex that it is not easy to decrypt. But, about
encryption", there is a problem for developers - each chip is different - it is impossible to manually calculate one by one and respectively compile source code if the algorithm is complex. This programmer can automatically read into RC bytes before programming. The developer can get the bytes value of the chip in the DLL dynamic function and then automatically calculate the encrypted data according to the request and put it in the memory, efficiently completing mass production. (A detailed encrypted instance of the ATMEGA8 in the installation package is available for reference)
Unified and convenient user interface
The user interface is well-designed and is in complete accord with the operating habit of the Windows series of software. Built-in binary editor is comparable to pure professional editing software. You can directly read, write and modify the files such as BIN format, HEX format, JED format and so on. In addition, it has the complete and practical project mode that makes the mass production more convenient and safer.
Package include:
One TL866II Plus Programmer with Black ZIF socket
Black ZIF socket, easy to replace, longer working time)
One USB cable
One ICSP cable
One Warranty Card One QFN8/DFN8 to DIP8 two-in-one socket/adapter for both 6*5MM and 8*6MM chips
One SOIC8 SOP8 ZIF adapter, Body width 150 mil (3.9mm-4.1mm)
One SOIC8-DIP8 ZIF adapter, Body width 200-209mil (5-6mm)
One PLCC44 TO DIP40 adapter
One PLCC32-DIP32 adapter
One PLCC32-DIP28 adapter
One PLCC28-DIP24 adapter
One PLCC20-DIP20 adapter
One TSSOP8 AND SOP16 adapter
One QFP32-DIP32 adapter
One SSOP8-DIP8 adapter, Body width 170mil
One SOP28-DIP28 adapter, Body width 300mil
One SOP20-DIP20 adapter, Body width 200mil
One SOP16-DIP16 adapter, Body width 150mil
One 8-16 SOIC adapter
One SPI driver adapter
One SOP8 test clip
One TSOP32 base board,
One TSOP48/SOP44 2-in-1 base board,
One TSOP40A base board,
One TSOP40B base board,
One TSOP32/40/48 soldering top board,
One SOP44 ZIF socket top board
One TSOP48 ZIF socket top board(ZIF socket is ANDK , but good quality: there is top and bottom touch, better contact with chips !)
One TSOP48 to SOP44 adapter board
One SOP56 adapter board
This adapter board for TL866 programmer when only a TSOP-48 version of a SOP-44 chip exists in the programmer software, for example the MX29LV160T flash. It can be used with the "TSOP48/SOP44 2-in-1 base board" and the "SOP44 ZIF socket top board".)
One PLCC IC extractor
Please note: don't include CD, you can download documents as below link:
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is accurate. If you choose “expedited shipping", you need to leave your  telephone number in address. It's important! Handling Time: Within 2 working days after payment is cleared.(no including weekends or holidays) How to track your parcel? Please click here:  www.17track.net/en Estimated Delivery Time: For "Economy Int'l Shipping", in most cases, it takes 10-25 business days (no including weekends or holidays) to reach you. If the Christmas holiday is coming or meet bad weather or other special situations, delivery time maybe longer than the usual. We appreciate your patience! It is difficult for us to list all countries' exact delivery time. You know, parcels of delivery time are very different from different regions, please understand. If item is urgent for you, please choose " Expedited Int'l Shipping". We will send via express shipping way, such as China Post EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, Aramex and so on. Normally, it takes one or two weeks to deliver. For USA customers, you can choose items shipped from USA warehouse. The delivery time will be faster. Feedback We appreciate every customer's feedback. We would be very grateful if you can give us some advice on our products.
If you have any complaints, you can contact us and we will actively find a suitable solution. No communication and leaving the neutral or negative feedback may notadvisable and cannot solve any problems.
We wish you a happy shopping here! Brand StoryXGecu Brand Story
TL866 series programmer has been designed and developed in 2010 by Haikou Xingong Electronics Co., in China. The XGecu brand was created in 2014. 
After more than ten years of development, through competitive price and high quality, XGecu TL866 series product rapidly occupies vast market and enjoys enormous growth potential. Since the majority enter to the market, XGecu TL866 series product is praised by agents and hundreds of thousands of customers, known as "Cost-effective brand of universal programmer" in the maintenance industry. 
In 2020, new model XGecu T56 was born. In the future, The XGecu will reward customers with continuous innovation, better quality, and excellent after service. Contact and ReturnsAny questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your messages are warmly welcomed. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Because of the time difference, there may be a little delay in response, please understand!
About return request:
eBay Return policy
Please don't be easy to open "return request".
Our location is in China. We know international return is complex and long, so before strong packing and sending out, we test item well to avoid failures. If any problems, before opening "return request", please firstly send message to clearly explain your question in English. Maybe we can resolve your problem without "return item", this is the win-win situation.
We are looking forward to serving you!
Why Choose us1. 100% Original Brand XGecu products from manufacturer.
There are many pirated programmers and adapters about TL866A/TL866CS for sale in the market. There is no guarantee that these pirated products can be constantly upgraded in the XGecu software properly. In order to get the programmer's core value, please buy from store selling with REAL BRAND "XGecu"
You can find the real brand "XGecu" in the programmer software and on the product shell.) 
2. Quick Response for your problem in use. 
For example, new model T56 was born in 2020. In order to enhance the function, software upgrade will be definitely needed in the near future. Any problems during use, you are welcome to contact us. Your feedback is very important for our improvement. You know effective communication is crucial for programmer&adapter products, that can save your time to solve problems. That's painful to communicate with sellers who don't even know how to use software and adapters.
3. 100% tested and strong packaged before shipping. 
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